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Our focus is on providing a high-quality indoor air environment, free of molds and toxins. We use a new breakthrough technology that simply makes other mold remediation methods obsolete. Rather than ripping out and replacing infected areas, or worse, using hazardous chemicals and biocides to kill mold, our all natural and organic enzyme product attaches itself to the mold and renders it completely inert. This green remediation process is non-destructive and 100% effective without any harmful side effects to people, pets or plants. Our technique is safer, faster and less expensive than any other mold remediation process available today.Modern Environmental Sales & Service specializes in HVAC mold cleaning for residential and businesses.Mold can be very harmful to your family and pets.Modern Enviromental Sales & Service offers safe mold removal. Call Modern Environmental Sales & Service today! 


Are you and your children experiencing allergies or asthma? Has your home been tested?

We offer independent, professional air quality testing that includes a laboratory result. This allows us to create a custom solution for your home. Thanks to our cutting edge technology, you can rest assured that your tailored treatment will not be harmful to pets or children. Our non-toxic approach means greater safety and less time away from home than with traditional chemical treatments. For additional peace of mind, we offer a one-year transferable warranty. Learn more about our Air Quality Testing >>

Do you have a new home? Be sure to have it tested. Even new homes can pose health risks. Older homes can pose even greater health risks. It is always safest to test air quality anytime you relocate because mold populations can grow rapidly in multiple places, including your air conditioning system. Even if you have your AC serviced yearly, it does not guarantee a mold-free system. Mold could be thriving in your lines and vents. Our technicians offer top knotch clean air service. Learn more about our Clean Air, Clean Home Services >>



For the convenience of insurance adjusters and real estate brokers, our warranties are transferable and our turnaround time is exceptionally fast to fully accommodate your sales process. Learn more about our Services & One-Year Warranty >>

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We are a proud member of the Indoor Air Quality Association. Established in 1995, the IAQA is dedicated to bringing practitioners together to prevent and solve indoor environmental problems for the benefit of consumers and the public.


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