Our Mission

 Modern Environmental Sales & Service is dedicated to providing safe solutions to eliminate mold, bacteria and odors in residential and commercial properties on the Gulf Coast. 

Our Story

Mobile Alabama Mold Removal and Remediation ServiceCompany founder, Melvin Lowdermilk, has always been committed to helping promote a healthy community. His career began in healthcare. With a hospital background, he understood the infection risks hospitals faced, such as MRSA and VRSA. After retiring from the healthcare industry, he furthered his research and found harmful bacteria to be a prominent issue outside hospital walls as well. The amount of mold and airborne bacteria present in the Gulf Coast's humid, moist environment absolutely alarmed him. He set out to do something about it.

Drawing from early experiences in his family's water proofing business, Mr. Lowdermilk took what he knew about moisture hazards and healthcare needs to build M.E.S.S. His commitment to health and safety is reflected in all our company's services and stems not only from his medical background, but also from a consideration of his own family, children and pets. That's why at Modern Environmental Sales & Service we use only clean, green, quality products that respect your health and the health of our environment.

Over 50 years in business, our service offerings have increased and we've adopted new, cutting-edge technologies that set us apart from the competition. We will continue our legacy of investing in the health and comfort of our friends, family and neighbors. You can always trust Modern Environmental Sales & Service to deliver solutions that are safe as well as 100% effective. We are a locally owned business and we are fully invested in the health and well-being of our community.