Indoor Air Quality Testing Foley Alabama


Indoor Air Quality Testing in Foley Alabama is used to test for a variety of common threats to indoor air quality. It is important that the test being performed is capable of testing for all possible contaminants or the contaminant with which you are remediating. Here is a list of common indoor Air Quality Pollutants we test for:


·         Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
·         Carbon Monoxide (CO)
·         Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
·         Mold, Yeast, Bacteria
·         Radon
·         Allergen: Dust mites, pet dander, cockroach.
·         Hydrothermal: Humidity, temperature
·         Aerobiology: fungus, fiberglass, insect, dead skin cells.
·         Precipitated Particulate: pollen, dust,
·         Formaldehyde, Aldehydes: and all aldehydes; carpet, wood paneling.
It’s of the utmost importance to act right away when you feel something is affecting the Air Quality of your home. Common warning signs are difficulty breathing, lightheadedness, throat and upper respiratory irritation, rashes and at times swelling of the limbs.
For the safety of your family, it’s imperative to act swiftly to mitigate any issues that are contributing to the ill health of anyone in your household.

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Foley is a city in Baldwin County, Alabama, United States. The 2010 census lists the population of the city as 14,618. Foley is a principal city of the Daphne–Fairhope–Foley Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Baldwin County.Wikipedia

Population:15,818 (2013)
Area:25.88 mi²


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