Mold & Bacteria Elimination

We provide a high-quality indoor air environment, free of molds and toxins. We use a new, breakthrough technology that simply makes other mold remediation methods obsolete. Rather than ripping out and replacing infected areas, or worse, using hazardous chemicals and biocides to kill mold, we use an all-natural, organic enzyme product. This enzyme attaches to the mold and renders it completely inert. This green remediation process is non-destructive and 100% effective without any harmful side effects to people, pets or plants. Our technique is safer, faster and less expensive than any other mold remediation process available today. We are so confident in our services that we offer a One Year Guarantee that no visible mold will reoccur in the treated areas for a period of one year, otherwise we'll re-treat the area at no charge. Get Free Estimate 


Air, Water & Radon Testing

Modern Environmental Sales & Services offers independent, professional air, water and radon testing. A rigorous series of laboratory tests verifies quality levels and identifies issues that pose health risks or items of concern. Our team will come to your site and collect samples. All samples will be delivered to a specialized testing laboratory. There, the scientist will analyze the samples and generate a documented report. From this, we create a treatment plan that addresses all issues in your home to ensure the highest levels of air and water quality in your environment. Schedule Your Professional Home Testing 


Commercial Services

In addition to residential properties, we also service commercial properties. Businesses and organizations have turned to M.E.S.S. for over 50 years for superior bacteria, odor and mold removal services. We offer Green Home Solutions, which are environmentally safe products made from all-natural ingredients that eliminate mosquitoes and molds while eliminating pet and kitchen odors - all without harming you or the environment. This make our products safe for pregnant mothers and will not harm pollinating insects. We take pride in offering great quality and prompt service for marinas, boats and vacation rental properties. Give us a call today: (251) 308-1716. Or, Submit Your Requests Online 


Bacteria Removal Services

Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants is dangerous and can pose serious health consequences. We understand these health risks and are equipped with the necessary safety apparatus and cleaning products to ensure a deep clean of your environment. From mild to serious bacteria growth scenarios, we are trained to safely remove and dispose of biohazardous substances in according with OSHA and health regulations. Schedule Your Consultation or Request More Information 

Mosquito Control

We offer 100% effective mosquito control for the mosquito-heavy environments of the Gulf Coast. Our green products control mosquito populations without the use of harmful chemicals. We are proud to offer a Barrier Misting Program that guarantees a virtually mosquito-free yard to keep your family and pets disease-free. Approximately every 14 days, our Mosquito Exterminators will safeguard your property with an all-natural misting agent to exterminate existing mosquitoes and place a barrier around your property. The annual green service will include 15 treatments for $885. To participate in a neighborhood program, the annual customer contract is $795. Credit card payments can be arranged to suit your budget. NOTE: We also have tick and bedbug programs. Get An Estimate For Your Property 


Real Estate Agent & Insurance Inspector Consultation

Modern Environmental Sales & Service is experienced in working with real estate agents and insurance inspectors. We understand the need for thorough inspections and timely response times. We offer the most rapid turnaround times possible as well as transferable warranties to accommodate your professional requirements and fast-paced schedule. Contact us today to get started